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Li-Ion Rechargeable, Stereo, 3 Channels, Removable Microphone, up to 300 Foot Range  
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When it comes to computer gaming the freedom these wireless headphones offer is incredible! Imagine playing a multi-player game and being able to step away from the game to answer the door - but you are still in the games and can hear what is going on and speak with your teammates. Or, maybe you need to grab a quick snack from the fridge - you can now do this and still maintain a communication link with others in the game throught the headset.

• True gamers know that you must have both stereo headphones and microphone to be effective
• Hear enemies and team members - whether they are to the left or to the right you'll know their position
• Talk to teammates via the headset mounted microphone
• No cords to get tangled on the desk
• Step away from the computer but still HEAR your game - talk while away from the computer

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Each package contains a users manual plus the following items:

1) Wireless basestation
2) Wireless headphones
3) Li-Ion rechargeable battery (not shown, pre-installed in left ear cup)
4) Microphone
5) Universal 100-240 volt AC/DC power adapter
6) Audio / microphone cable - 3.5 mm quad male to 2 x 3.5 mm stereo male (all connectors are ⅛")
7) 3.5 mm stereo female connector to 2 x RCA male (⅛” female to 2 x phono male adapter cable)
8) 3.5 mm stereo female connector to 2 x RCA female (⅛” female to 2 x phono female to adapter cable)
9) 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm stereo conversion jack (¼” headphone male to ⅛” female adapter cable)

Package Contents
For additional details see the SPECIFICATIONS section.

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